Seada-HBT100B-KIT HDMI2.0 HDBaseT Extenders

The B serial extenders (HBT70B-KIT and HBT100B-KIT) from SEADA provide the ability to deliver HDMI2.0 @4K60Hz 4:4:4 with 18Gbps bandwidth over incredible distance using HDBaseT technology. They also support HDR (High Dynamic Range), HDCP2.2 and latency free.
The Extenders support bi-directional IR and RS232 signals for control applications as well as an ethernet port for LAN serving.
The Extenders also support PoC (Power over Cat) which allows a single power supply to be used via either of the units to power both units which makes it convenient for modern AV installations. The power supply is connected via a lockable DC jack offering a secure and reliable connection.

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