Giada MI-5200DL

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  • MI5200DL adopts Intel 5th gen Boradwell platform CPU and supports discrete graphics.
  • It supports i3/i5 ultrabook CPU with only 15W power consumption and integrates south bridge functionality.
  • It adopts Intel HD Graphics 5500GPU. It provides HDMI 1.4b 4K ultra HD display
  • onboard gigabit Ethernet LAN.For display, it supports a VGA port (built-in VGA pin)
  • Two built in COM ports for extension. 2 x Mini-PCIe slots
  • supportingmSATA and PCIe+USB+3G.
  • The MI-5200DLconfirms to Intel Thin mini-ITX standard and can be widely applied in mid- range and high-end digital signage industries.
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