PA-3030SET 50+50W Stereo Amplifier with Speaker

100W Stereo Amplifier Board with 2x 30W PA Speaker Set


  • 50W+50W, AUX audio input, 2 channels stereo output
  • This digital Amp board with independent treble and bass ad-justment buttons,you can directly adjust the treble and bass through the module, without using the player or speaker.
  • The audio power subwoofer amplifier module with powerful chip, AM interference suppression function, shielding power in-ductance, low noise front stage operational amplifier, let you en-joy a more perfect sound quality experience.
  • Amp module is designed with over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection, over-heat protection, short-circuit protection, with case to protective it.
  • The illustration of each interface is printed on the protective plate, making it easy to install and use even without instructions. Small size: 4.4in*2.75in*0.78in, easy to carry.

Specification for PA-3030SET

  • Output Channel ::: ::: 2 Channels
  • Input Mode ::: ::: 3.5mm AUX
  • Power Output Per Channel ::: ::: Total 100W (50W+50W Each Channels)
  • Control Set ::: ::: Independently Treble, Bass, Volume Controller
  • Working Voltage::: ::: 12Vdc Adapter, 100-240Vac
  • Speaker::: ::: 2x 30W Speaker (Wallmount Kits)



Part Number
50+50W Stereo Amplifier with Speaker 1x 100W Amplifier, 2x 30W Speaker, 2x Speaker Wall Mounting Kits