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Display wall controllers are SEADA latest controllers with much higher bandwidth.

17 May 2019

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The SW 4000 family of display wall controllers are SEADA latest controllers with much higher bandwidth. The 4000s controllers are able to output 4 windows per display simultaneously. It makes it perfect match for the applications where inputs are more than two times of outputs amount and all inputs are needed to be displayed simultaneously on the video wall.


Employing cutting edge of crossbar technology and high speed FPGA, SW controllers are able to offer a system with graphics outputs up to 72 and video capture up to 128 HD or 512 SD inputs with one chassis.


The layout of the windows can be configured separately by the universal SW video wall management software which offers flexibility and convenience.


The SW 4000 controllers are pure hardware based controller. It enables the controller to offer extremely fast start up speed and a virus and software conflict free working environment which ensures its 24/7 hassle free operation ability.



- Advanced Crossbar technology

- Robust FPGA video data process technology

- No PC vulnerabilities

- Input signal preview

- Four-window overlay mode

- 1 to 72 display outputs

- Multi output option: DVI-I (Digital & Analog), SDI, HDBaseT, Optical Fibre

- 1-256 1080p IP camera inputs capture

- 1-128 HD DVI/HDMI/RGB inputs capture

- 1-512 composite video inputs capture

- Multi input option: DVI-D, HDMI, VGA, YPbPr, CVBS, SDI, HDBaseT, Optical Fibre, IP streaming

- MVWS( Multi Video Walls Support) technology

- Low power consumption

- Fast start up within 5 seconds, Low capture & display latency

- HDCP support for DVI/HDMI

- Support 4K input capture

- Support IP signal decode and capture



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